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India: Communication

While being in India for and long or short tour in any part of Indian tourists states, cities and towns, there is nothing to worry about communication aspect, you can easily access your friends, family, office, collogues with lots of options for the tourists. The communications technology in India is world class. Also quite cheaper and convenient compare to most of European and other countries. Today, India is quite advance in terms of communication area namely internet, telephone, cell phones, postal services. Beside that India cost effective in communications compare to other countries. And the network of all kind of services is quite professional and well organized.


The prime mode of domestic and international communication, the telephone net work in India is highly developed and network is quite huge and well managed. In every city of India, telephone public booths are available to make international and domestic call at every low price. Beside that public phone services are also provided by restaurants, hotels, shops and other commercial set ups. The most important is that telephone access is available in every nook and corner all tourist cities and towns of India. The ISD code of India is 91 and to make international call from other countries to India. And you have to dial ISD code 00 before the nos. you want to make call to other countries from India.

Mobile Phones

Another way to communicate in India is through Mobile or Cell phones. If you have a mobile phone with the tri-band technology, you can easily use it here. You don’t need to use the service provider of your own country. There are a number of service providers in India to keep you connected. You can buy a prepaid sim card from any service provider. You only need to make payment for it and give a photocopy of your any Identity proof (like your passport). Get it recharged and enjoy free mobility.


Internet is quite advanced method of communication and India is highly developed in this aspect and connected to the world. To access the internet in public area, there are plenty of Internet café in all major cities, semi metro, small tours and tourist places, these cafes provide Internet facility through which you would be able to access anywhere in the world. You may access you mail account, browsing, downloads, print outs, scanning etc, By and large most of the urban households have high speed internet access. Even in small towns and rural area, internet facilities by the internet café are available at very cost effective rates. Most of the hotels provide internet facilities to their guest either access from their rooms or from the in-house internet café.

Postal Service

This is one of the oldest and reliable methods of communications. The postal services and network in India is quite advanced and well organized. The parcels and letters are delivered to the desired places in efficient way. For valuable material and documents registered post is almost essential. Air mail services are also offered by Indian postal services almost all the major countries and main cities all over the world. The postal services also provide the services of telegraph where the internet and telephone other services are not available.


Fax facilities are available at all main telegraph offices that are open 24 hours. It’s also possible to receive faxes at these telegraph offices. Many of the STD/ISD booths strewn all over India also have fax facilities for public use, but they invariably cost more than the government offices.

The improved systems of Communication in India have changed many lives and made travel within India now very simple.

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