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Ancient period, India was a known most civilized and culturally developed country, the home of great poets, saints, philosopher, rulers, legendary warriors. Due to rich culture and heritage, the various regions of the world had been originated and flourished in India. From ancient era mystique and mythology in the soil of this country consequences plenty wonderful pilgrimage and worship places, these religious monuments gained a key prominence and evidence of most visited Indian places by locals and overseas tourists. India being versatile and a huge country, is known as divine destination of all kinds ofpilgrims following any belief around the world. India has been quite famous all over the world, for its religious, spirituality and tolerance and its secular characteristics, also known as “yogabhoomi" and the gateway to the almighty heavens.

The most of the great regions are the integral part of Indian heritage and culture: like Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam. These regions are blended with the soil of India. The country is blissful serenity of Indian regions ambience, where Lord Buddha, Sai Baba, Mahabir and Guru Nanak once lived on this soil and dedicated themselves to enhance the spirituality for betterment of life. Religion and devotion to the almighty gods is remarkable aspect of the culture and traditions of India. Hindu still believes that attaining the salvations, Tirtha Yatra (visiting important pilgrimages) is must for every Hindu religion follower, So Hindu people of all faith and belief have morally and religiously starving to visit revered pilgrimages places to invoke the Gods blessings to obtains forgiveness of their wrong doings and sins, also escape the divine wrath.

This is said that there is abode of 330 million gods and goddess in Hindu region and methodical history. It reveals immense divinity in the air itself. In Himalayas, where the divine destinations like Badrinath and Kedarnath are located, Himalaya is known most sacred pilgrimage tourist sector, and most beautiful tourist places with snowy peaks, highest mountains range of Everest, hill stations, lakes, splendid grasslands, wildlife, streams, waterfalls and plenty beautiful rivers. The sacred Buddhist destinations i.e. Bodhgaya and Sarnath quite sought-after pilgrimage tourist destinations among the Buddha region followers all over the world and these destinations are close of Varanasi which is known as the religious ancient capital of India and it is believed in Hindu religion that if some one passes away in Varanasi and Haridwar, the person will be released from the circle of life, and entitled for heaven. Due to this belief, there are So many people prefer to live in these cities during their old age. This is also a known religious belief that taking dip in Pushkar Lake and Ganga Rivers washes up your sins and help to accomplish salvation.

With a quests of spiritual and religious knowledge, the nos. of Philosopher, Sandu, Saints and seers and the ancient rulers of this country, had built and developed religious monuments in a lavish and momentous approach viz; Temples, Monasteries, Gurudwaras, Mosques etc., undoubtedly, India is banquet of abundant religion under the same roof. These monuments and temples are quite popular for great architectures craftsmanship and ancients art of Old time world. Few temples are wonderful, one can call ‘Breathe Taking’ some of the notables regions temples and worship places are located in Mount Abu, Amritsar, Katra, Tirumala, Madurai, Pushkar, Kashmir, Varanasi and Rishikesh. The architectural exuberance is articulated in at religious places. . Indians have a culture and tradition to commemorate all the gods, goddesses, lords and deities, by building shrines, which is apparent in the various temples. In ancient times rulers various dynasties used to worship a favourite deity, and which inspired these rulers to built marvelous temples as their dedication and faith in specific god and religions. Beside pilgrim places, India is known for plenty of places to worship which are quite popular among devotees for wish fulfillment and eternal powers.

The pious soil of India will definitely reveals the true faces of Indian devotions and one can Witness the unconditional belief and faiths on their God and his supremacy by Indians. The god of follower may be with various names and forms of appearance, of course devotion and spirituality is sure to experience world of Indian religion during your pilgrimage trip to India. This is inevitable that you will be backing home with an enlightment, you were searching for all your life.


Kedarnath is located around 220 kilo meters distance from Rishikesh in Uttaranchal region. This wonderful and pious pilgrimage town is at the altitude of 3580 meters, laid on the amazing mountains of Kedarnath in Himalaya. One of the holiest pilgrimages for Hindus from all over the world. Often referred to as the abode of Lord Shiva. The daunting temple of Kedarnath is beautifully sounded by the lofty snow caped mountains and peaks. Indian renowned saint-philosopher Adi Shankaracharya built the temple in 8th centaury. This is one of the pilgrimage sites out of the 5 Kedarnath Shrines in India. This temple is constructed on the old temples which were built by Pandavas. There is Samadhi of Adi Shankaracharya Chorabari is named Gandhi Sarovar with floating ice on the glittering water of the lake and Vasuki pond.

During the winter seasons Kedarnath is inevitably very cold; most of the time entire mountains and landscapes are snow caped. During the summer the climate is quite pleasant touching 20&;deg; c. with a rainfall of 150 cm. beside the religious aspect, Kedarnath is an excellent destination for wonderful trekking experience, there are around 8 wonderful trekking routes which pass through the most charming landscapes of Himalaya valley.

Incredible picturesque locations, astonishing panoramic scenic views of innumerable snow peaks, mighty Himalayas Alpine ice clad and green valleys , gushing rivers, scenic waterfalls and deep ravines, luxuriant forests and passes make the area absolutely enthralling. This place is undoubtedly, the blend of spirituality and unparalleled natural beauty.

Ideal time to visit:

May to October

Tourist Attraction:

Kedarnath Temple, Trekking,


Vasuki Tal,Gandhi Sarovar,nearby villages: Sonprayag,Gauri Kund,Guptakashi and Ukhimath.

Reach -

By Air: Jolly Grant, Dehradun (246 kms)

By Rail: Nearest Railheads are: Rishikesh: 229 kms, Kotdwar: 260 kms

By Road: Around 14 kms ( by Walk) from Gauri kund, which is connected by road to Rishikesh 295 kms, also Kotdwar, Dehradun, Haridwar and other important hill stations of Garhwal and Kumaon region.


The temple of Shri Badrinathji is 15 mt.high, built in the form of a cone with a small cupola of a gilt bull and spire is Dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Set amidst a picturesque valley, at an altitude of 3,133 mt. above sea-level, it is located on the right bank of holy river Alaknanda. The other temples and places of worship worth a mention in Uttar Pradesh are Vishvanath Temple (Varanasi), Vindhyachal Temple, Rishikesh, Naina Devi Temple, Mathura, Mansa Devi, Har Ki Pauri, Ghat (Varanasi), Mathura-Vrindavan, Hemkund Sahib. There are quite a few churches too

including St. John's Church, St. George's Church, St. Mary's Church, Holy Trinity Church, All Saints' Cathedral, St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral. Temple of Shri Naina Devi Ji is situated on hill top in Bilaspur distt. of Himachal Pradesh in India.


The Golden Temple at Amritsar, is the most famous of Sikhs monuments, ornamented with a gilt by Raja Ranjit Singh. Surrounded with water on all the sides, it was erected in the 16th century. The mandir, a two storeyed structure is built on a 67 ft square of marble. Anandpur Sahib in Punjab is one of the most revered places of pilgrim for the Sikh community.


The Jama Masjid, overlooking the old markets of Chandni Chowk, is one of the largest mosques in India. It was built by Shah Jahan in Delhi. Jama Masjid, looks across the old markets of the city that are massed around Chandni Chowk and stretches till the great Red Fort.


The Dargah at Ajmer is a shrine considered to be a place of wish fulfillments for those who pray with devout and pure hearts. This Dargah houses the tomb of Saint Mohinudeen Chisti. In the vicinity of the Dargah the tomb of The Saint's daughter-Bili Hafiz Jama &; tomb of Shah Jahan's daughter Chimni Begum is located.' Ajmer' owes its composite culture to the reign of many dynasties that came, ruled and left, leaving behind indelible marks of their culture and traditions culture. Ajmer is situated in a valley surrounded by the Aravali hills, 131 Kms West of Jaipur. It is also associated with remarkable historical events. 'Dargah Khwaja Sahib' the landmark of Ajmer. One of the holiest Muslim shrines in the country. The city has some splendid master pieces of Indo-Islamic architecture.'


Pushkar', 11 Kms West of Ajmer, along the picturesque Pushkar Lake lies the tranquil town with deep religious significance. An important pilgrimage centre of Hindus, flourishing with 400 temples and a lake encircles by 52 ghats. The biggest attraction being the temple of Lord Brahma. Pushkar is also the site for one of the largest and most colorful cattle fairs in the world.


The major attraction of Varanasi is the long strings of ghats, which line the western bank of the Ganges. There are over a 100 bathing and burning ghats but the Manikarnika Ghat is the most sacred of them all. This is the main burning ghats and one of the most auspicious places where a Hindu can be cremated. Dasaswamedha Ghat is probably the most convenient starting point. At the time of sunrise, people visit this ghat to get an interesting introduction to the river. Here you'll witness the throng of people who come to the edge of the Ganges not only for a ritual bath, but to practice yoga, offer blessings, buy paan, sell flowers, get a massage, play cricket, have a swim or get a shave. Apart from the many ghats lining the river, the city's other highlights include the Golden Temple also known as Vishwanath Temple, built in a roofed quadrangle with stunning gilded towers. Shopping at markets famous for their ornamental brass work, lacquered toy, shawls, silks and sitars; visiting the nearby Buddhist centre of Sarnath. The Durga Mata temple was built in 18th century, stained in red with ochre is also a must see.


Orissa or Kalinga as it was then called was a settlement of non-Aryan and Aryan settlers. It was here that the famous Battle of Kalinga was fought which made King Ashoka forsake war. Situated in Orissa and built in the 13th century to commemorate a military victory, the Sun Temple is an architectural splendour. The main tower of Konark stands 227 feet high superceding both Lingaraja and Jagannath temples. The temple, known as the black pagoda, is a brilliant chronicle in stone, with thousands of images including deities.Jagannath Temple, Lingaraja Temple, Devgarh, Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh; Somnath Temple in Gujarat are some of the well known temples.

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