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Khajuraho situated in the heart of Northern part in Indian state Madhya Pradesh. This destination is most sought-after among the tourists for ancient and splendid temples, exquisitely carved s in stone. Khajuraho is a small town, but a thousand years ago it was a large city. These temples were built during the reign of the Chandela dynasty. The temples of Khajuraho are dedicated to Gods and Goddesses like Shiva, Jagadamba and Vishnu. These temples are paradigm of exemplary sculptural art and architecture. The town is known to the world for its erotic sculptures. If you want proof that the Kama Sutra originated in India, Khajuraho is the place to see. Erotica abounds here with over 20 temples devoted to sexuality and sex. These temples are more than 1000 years old. Khajuraho is a set of temples covered by erotic carvings in sandstone representing Hindu religious values and everyday activities (not sexual activity between gods and goddesses goddess).

Near to Khajuraho is a tiny village populated by no more than 3,000 residents. Temples of Khajuraho have been standing for more than 10 centuries during this period they have witnessed battles and bloodshed between various kingdoms and have encountered furious calamity. Out of the 85 temples that were originally built only twenty have survived and are taken care of as these temples were declared a world heritage site. This city has always been popular for temples and has been most visited city in India after Taj Mahal in Agra. Apart from its temples. Khajuraho is also eminent for its legendary Khajuraho dance festival, is held every year.

The Khajuraho temples are usually divided into 3 groups: Western Group, Eastern Group, Southern Group. The temples in the Western group are recognized by UNESCO because they contain the oldest and best known of the temples. The temples of the Western and Southern Groups are dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses. The Eastern Group contains a mixture of Jain and Hindu temples.

Best Time to Visit:

October to April

Places of Interest:

The temples of Khajuraho are divided into three geographical groups viz, Western, Eastern, and Southern groups.

Western Group of Temples: The largest, compact and centrally located, includes some of the most prominent monuments, built by Chandela rulers. The Lakshmana Temple, the Matangesvara Temple and the Varaha Temple form one complex and the Visvanatha and Nandi temples are not far from this complex. The Chitragupta, Jagadambi, Andariya Mahadeva temples are about a furlong to their west. The Western Group of monuments is best maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Eastern Group of Temples: Encompasses five detached sub-groups in and around the present village of Khajuraho, including Brahmanical temples known as Brahma, Vamana and Javari and three Jain temples, Ghantai, Adinath and Parsvanath.

Southern Group: Most distant and has two main monuments near and across the Khudarnala, mainly, the Duladeo and the Chaturbhuja temples.

Near By Khajuraho: Panna National Park: 57 kms from Khajuraho, 45 minutes drive from Khajuraho, worth to visit in winter season. The region, famous for its diamond industry, is also home to some of the best wildlife species in India and famous Tiger Reserves The park is known worldwide for its wild cats, including tigers deep gorges, tranquil valley and dense teak forests. It houses Leopards, Wolfs and Gharials along with Wild Boars, Sloth Bears, Cheetals, Chowsinghas, Indian Foxes, Porcupines and many others.


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By Rail: Jhansi: 175 kms, Satna: 117 kms, Harpalpur: 110 kms.

By Road: Agra: 395 kms, Allahabad: 285 kms, Bandhavgarh: 237 kms, Bhopal: 372 kms Chitrakoot: 176 kms, Delhi: 590 kms, Jabalpur: 296 kms Lucknow: 267 kms, Varanasi: 415 kms.

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