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Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers is spread over an area a core area of 105 sq km and a buffer area of approximately 400 sq km of topography varies between steep ridges, undulating, forest and open meadows. Bandhavgarh Park named on highest mountain called Bandhavgarh which is at the height of 807 meters, also derived its very name of ancient fort in the park area. The name of the reserve was due to the presence of ancient fort on the mountain. There is belief that Lord Rama has gifted the fort to Lakshman who was beloved younger brother of Lord Rama.

Nestled among the Vindhya hills, Bandhavgarh National Park is located within the district of Shahdol and Jabalpur in the Central state of Madhya Pradesh, Eastern edge of Satpura Mountains. The park located in circuit of 32 hills covered with a varied forest of Dhobin, Saga, sal, and saga and large stretches of grass landscapes with bamboo grooves. This park came into existence in 1968 when the King of Rewa handed over the area to the forest department of Indian government. The Ruler of Rewa comprehended that almost majestic forest had sprawled around the deserted Bandhavgarh fort and that ferocious beasts of strength wandered within its folds, gallantry was the most ferocious of all beasts the Tiger ! So, Bandhavgarh was reformed as wildlife reserve with condition that Royal family have the rights to hunt of tigers and other fierce animals. However, the royal family put the fence rather elevated, so far as chivalry acknowledgements, they kings and princes hunted 109 tigers, to be termed of truly chivalrous. Later, King Rajah Gulab Singh realized and committed himself to compensate the figure of 109 tigers and brought down 83 tigers in a period of one year. Today’s, Bandhavgarh National Park was officially acknowledged in 1982. and also declared a tiger reserve under Project Tiger in 1993. This is also the site where the famous WHITE TIGERS of Rewa were discovered.

There are more than 250 species of birds and 22 species of mammals found here. The main bird species in the park are parakeets, blue bearded bee eaters, green pigeons, white steppe eagles, minivets, browed fantails, blossom headed parakeets, grey malabar hornbills, black and white malabar hornbills, green bee eaters, white bellied drongos, owls, wood shrikes and the lovely paradise flycatchers.

To explore the wildlife adventure there are options of Jeep Safari as well Elephant safari are the two ways of exploring the park. Wildlife of the park includes Bengal Fox, Jungle Cat, Asiatic Jackal, Ratel, Gray Mongoose, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Striped Hyena and Tiger. Mammals found here include Palm Squirrel, the smallIndian Civet, Dhole and Lesser Bandicoot. Animals which are frequently sighted are Spotted Deer, Sambar, Wild Pigs, Chinkara, Chausingha, Nilgai and Gaur.

Bandhavgarh is quite popular for its tigers and the unfolded adventure for the nature lovers.

Ideal Time to visit: February to June.

Note: The Park is closed from 1st July to 30th September that is during the monsoon season.

Safari timings:


Morning 0730 hrs to 1030 hrs.

Evening 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs.


Morning: 0630 hrs to 0930 hrs.

Evening: 1600 hrs to 1830 hrs


By Air: Khajuraho 275 kms is the nearest airport to reach Bandhavgarh.

By Rail: Katni is the nearest railhead for accessing Bandhavgarh which is located at a distance of 120 kms.

By Road: Bandhavgarh is well-connected to all major cities of Madhya Pradesh. Shahdol: 102 kms, Umaria: 32 kms, Rewa: 105 kms, Jabalpur: 200 kms, Amarpatan: 80 kms and Khajuraho 275 kms.

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