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Bhopal is situated along the slopes of a sandstone ridge in the north-western part of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal lies on the banks of an enormous lake spanning several square miles, dominating its landscape and giving it a magnetic, mesmerizing quality. The city was built by King Bhoj in the 11th century. Till 1707 the region was a part of the Mughal Kingdom. The Begums of the royal family ruled it for almost 100 years, before Nawab Hamidullah, son of Nawab Sultan Jahan, the third Begum, ascended the throne in 1926. He acceded Bhopal to India in 1947. Bhopal city is fascinating combination of natural picturesque beauty, rich history and modernity. The city's rich history always welcome those who are inclined towards finding more about the city, Bhopal, The serenity of the lake is perhaps is responsible for an air of almost deliberate lethargy and gratification. Bhopal once a small, sleepy picturesque town with lush forests and laid-back days of shikars, leisure and quiet fishing trips is the capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. But still, in the wake industrialization and growth resulting in conflux of people, Bhopal retains its eternal quaintness and charm.

The two beautiful lakes that surround this historical city have been and will be two major life lines of Bhopal, as these lakes provide for several people and is a major attraction of Bhopal. The city is divided into two parts one being the newer more modern part that has modern edifices, well laid out city plan, with parks and gardens and the other that still cherishes the imprints that were left on it by the rulers of the past.

Best Time to Visit:

October to March

Places of Interest:

Taj-ul-Masjid, Juma Masjid, Moti Masjid, Shaukat Mahal, Bharat Bhawan and Roopankar, Shamla and Idgah Hills. Chowk, Upper and Lower Lake, Gandhi Bhavan, Van Vihar.

Taj-Ul Masajid: Bhopal’s Taj-ul Masajid is one of the biggest mosques in India and is magnificent assertion of a people’s involvement with their religion. Its octagonal minarets and onion-shaped domes have a quite and souring majesty. It’s cool interior is decorated with finely crafted carvings and stone grilles.

Laxmi Narayan Temple: Built by the Birlas and is commemorated to the Hindu deities. This sandy-yellow edifice, embellished with idols of many Hindu Gods and Goddesses, poses a magnificent sight. Birla Museum, adjoined to its precinct, is a storehouse of art and artifacts that date back to the 12th century.

Shaukat Mahal: Shaukat Mahal exhibits Gothic and post-Renaissance architectural patterns and is a beautiful amalgamation of both oriental and occidental architectural styles. Thought to be designed by a Frenchman, it is strikingly different from the other Muslim monuments in its vicinity.

Sadar Manzil: The place highlights the bygone grandeur of the Nawabi era of Bhopal. It served as the hall of public audience of the erstwhile rulers of the place. Sultan Kaikhusrau Jahan Begum, daughter of emperor Shah Jahan Begum, also used it as her private palace. Now, the this place is headquarters of Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

Moti Masjid: Moti Masjid bears a prominent resemblance to the Jama Masjid, New Delhi. Built by Sikandar Jahan, the daughter of Kudsia Begum, in 1860, this staggering mosque brilliantly display the heights attained by Islamic art and architecture during the Mughal era.

Upper and Lower Lakes: These lakes are beautifying the landscape of Bhopal and are credited as the artwork of Raja Bhoj. The Upper Lake is 6 squire kilometers. in area and is divided from the Lower Lake by an over bridge. MP Tourism's Yacht Club provides facilities and warrants exciting trips by sail, paddle and motor boats at the Upper Lake. 'Van Vihar' (safari park) and the fish-shaped aquarium near the place also contribute towards its popularity amongst the tourists.


By Air: Well connected with all major towns.

By Rail: Bhopal is well connected with all major cities.

By Road: Bombay: 789 kms, Aurangabad: 588 kms, Ahmedabad: 571 kms, Agra: 523 kms, Delhi: 728 kms, Gwalior: 422 kms, Gwalior: 422 kms, Indore:187 kms, Ujjain: 189 kms, Sanchi; 46 kms, Khajuraho: 387 kms, Mandu: 290 kms, Pachmarhi: 210 kms.

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