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Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Alwar Rajasthan, 37 kms from the main city of Alwar. Formerly hunting place of kings of Alwar. Sariska is probably one of the most visited National Parks in India, being centrally located near Jaipur and Delhi. This Sanctuary is located on sharp cliffs of mountains and narrow valley of Aravalis Mountain range. There are medieval temples built during 10th and 11th Sanctuary. This jungle land was officially recognized as a Sanctuary in year 1955 and become Sariska National Park in 1979. This National park is sprawled in area of 800 square kilometers, however 480 kms core land comes under the ‘Project Tiger’, as Sariska Tiger Reserve in year 1979. The summer is ideal to explore wild life gaming in the park, but the region is extremely hot raise up to 46 Degree during the summer, in the winter temperature gets low down by 4 Degrees.

Although this park is bigger than National Park of Ranthambhor, however this not so cluttered and commercialized and comparatively less tigers but a alike topography.. The topography of this land supports scrub-thorn arid forests, rocks, dry deciduous forests, and grass land. The broad range of wildlife here is a wonderful example of biological tolerance and adoption for the climate here is extremely variable.

Beside the gaming and wildlife there is also historical attractions are in the park. Historical Kankwari Fort where the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb once imprisoned his brother Dara Sikoh, due to his revolt. There is a Neelkanth Temple built in during 6 and 13th centaury, now converted in to ruins; this ancient temple was dedicated to God Shiva, a ruin site worth to visit. There is also Sariska Palace built by the King of Alwar, the resident of Royal family of Alwar, now converted into a heritage hotel.

The Sariska National Park is home to plenty of carnivores including Tiger, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Wild Dog, Hyena and Jackal. There is also plenty of feed for big cats and wild animals, a prey species such as Sambar, Nilgai, Chitel, Chausingha, Wild Boar and Langur. This park is famous for home of large nos. of Rhesus Monkeys around and in the park.

The avian world is also quite wealthy with a varied birdlife, namely Grey Partridge, Peafowl, Tree Pie, Crested Serpent Eagle Bush Quail, Sand Grouse, Great Indian Horned Owl and Golden backed Wood Pecker, may more.

Note: The Park will remain closed from 01 July till 30 Sep, every year due to heavy Monsoon.

Best time to Visit:

During the months of October to June. Open through out the year.


By Air: Nearest domestic and international airport is Jaipur: 170 kms 4 hours.

By Rail: Alwar Railway Station is nearest Rail head: 37 kms

By Road: Sariska wildlife sanctuary is situated off the Delhi - Alwar - Jaipur road.

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